This is a word that came out of my mouth a lot of times today. And really loud. It was even so that i closed the door from my room at work and people herad it through the whole building. Also. There must be a shitty law that says that you got maximal unluck with IT things exactly the day when you have the most to do and no time for errors. I lost 4 hours of work. It would have been EXACTLY the same if i had slept until 10h30 and came like a flower at 11 at work. Ok, i would have been less irritated maybe…

Ah, well, there are days with and days without. Now, it’s just for me to load and don’t think that much and go to the intervall training. I am not really sure that i want to run tonight, but there is nothing to ask: if survival in on the map march the 6th, then training it has to be!