there is nothing better than the love of a dog. For real also. A friend of mine is bein nanny for a couple of days and i had the priviledge to take a walk with them. Also, my friend and the dog. And shit, how i miss it! The discussion during the walk was very funny too. it was like “bla bla bla girls talking Sit Neo! bla bla SIT Neo, Sit! bla Sit! GOOD BOY! bla bla bla ON THE SIDE NEO bla bla GOOD BOY” heheh


Neo, the big dog seems also to be a big sleeper. Well, my friend and i were eating at my place and the poor dog just laid down and every time we were looking at him, he was surely thinking “oh no, they are boring at looking at me as if i was a baby, i just want to eat pizza or go home. Please, girls, stop that…”. Which means that he was sleepy.

I felt a little alone when they went home. I also want a dog to love me. but anyway, i had a nice sleep, with a nightmare escaping a crazy guy with a bicycle through a “desperate houswife” area, met an old friend that told me that she had a looooot of money on the second floor or her house. Then i woke up, asking myself where is the second floor of my appartment…. I was at work at 6h30 but for a short time since i drove to Uppsala. The time in the car was very creative and i had like 1564985 people to call but it was a way too early to make phone calls, so i listened to the radio instead and i tell you, it was high level on it… The people were talking about poo during my whole travel to Uppsala, meaning 1h45.

It was freezing cold in Uppsala, mostly due to the wind, i froze 3 fingers when i was buying the parking ticket for the day. I was supposed to make one specifical thing today with one specifical person, but i made 259456 other things with 159465 other persons.

And i made a joke too. I made the Roland Garros Joke in the bathroom. But no one understood it. Maybe at my nest visit i will have some comments, but i find this joke nice. You know, you put on the door “Rolland Garros for free” and in the bathroom, you put “look at the left” on the right side of the toilett (at the right high for sitting people) and “look at the right” on the left side of the toilett (also at a right high for sitting people). And then you think and eventually you laugh. Little trick: make it quick. Look right, left, right, left, right, left and you will get the joke.

I had a pretty long talk with a colleague too, and it made me so happy and positive. I got like unwaited positive feed back and it warmed me to hear that. I was so happy to hear that, it gave me faith somehow. Don’t go and believe that i don’t have faith in myself, it would be so wrong. I believe very strong in what i do and the only problem is that i never know if other people do it too (believing in what I do). But, now i know that they do. But too much confidence could kill the insight… well, i will think of it tomorrow.

For now, i am listening to the 2new CDs that came with the post today, Familjen it is and a lot of loud electronic music. The dark chocolate with almonds in is not bad either, what could i ask for more? Some fine wine or to be nicer?

sit, good boy!