12km and old pictures

I went out for a run this morning and it was lovely to feel the sun durign these 12 km. Some hours later, i already feel my legs that are slowly dying. I haven’t been doing any sport this week, so it will be ahrd to get up tomorrow i guess. But it felt good. Just a little boring to be outside along that long. I need a running companion!

I’ve been watching P3 guld, and listening to some good things. Familjen was very bad at singing live, but i like this song: “det var jag”. I find it really funky and dancy. SO enjoy:

his makeup makes me think of Ayo Technology btw but i don’t want to opress you with another JT serie ;)

Yesterday, i watched a lots of old pictures from my time in Germany and it was both funy and melancholic. We made really some crazy parties, above all in Darmstadt. We were all young, had no worries and were discovering the world, at least i was. This was a rich period, rich with new people, new culture, new emotions. And i mean, who did not dream of hammering things with a beer in the hand?


Once we went to Konstanz to visit a friend who moved there for a trainee period. We were 2 cars full of crazy students and on the Autobahn back to Darmstadt, we had som “we show our ass” competition. But the car with the girls got more creative and maybe we caused a lot of troubles on the motorway, but we came home first of the 2 cars.


ah well, it seems like ages ago. It was in 2004. This just let me think that it’s not too late to take life easily and make something funny of it.