Hanging on too long

That’s not what i did yesterday, i just went to bed after dinner, tried to read, but couldn’t put the words some meaning, so i slept like a stone. Well, not really actually. I dreamt quite much and among other, i had a new motorbike but its tires were totally dead,  and before to ride, i had to change them. Then, i dreamt of the friends i need to talk to in order to have a good
relation together again. I woke up pretty disturbed.

The nice thing was when i turned on my phone again, that a friend of mine (who is skiing in north sweden) experienced something funny last night, so the text message was funny to read and the explanation on the phone too, it made my morning.

As i told yesterday, i have no plans for the week end and this is a choice. I even want to spend an asocial week end, it
happened much for me on this area this week and i need to sort ideas.

The song of the day: learn to let it go