Although the course of Alzheimer’s disease is unique for every individual, there are many common symptoms. The
earliest observable symptoms are often mistakenly thought to be ‘age-related’ concerns, or manifestations of stress. In the early stages, the most commonly recognised symptom is inability to acquire new memories, such as difficulty in recalling recently observed facts.

I am worried. I will turn 29 in about 1 month and a half and i am really worried. Yesterday, i just forgot
my bag at the conference center i was during 2 days and today, i forgot to pick up a colleague to drive to a meeting. I tried to take no decision after that, because it was soooo riskable, but for now, i am at home, opened a beer and cooked some dinner, so it cannot happen so much for tonight.

I also went to the hairdresser and cut my hair. I found a good place there, i just need to call, she knows
who i am, i come there, sit me at the shampoo station, get a head massage, she talks to me slowly, cut my hair as i want it and then, i pay 300 kr and go home without any shit products in it and i am done until 6 weeks later. A little bit like when my horse needed new shoes, except that horse shoes costed 900 francs at this time.

I think i need a rest though. And this is a good week end, my closest friends here are skiing with their
work in north sweden, so i am just planning to spend the week end calmly. A run it will be, maybe a visit at the museum. Eskilstuna konstmuseum will open some new exhibitions tomorrow, so maybe a visit there will illuminate my week end. And i will sleep, i need to sleep like 2×10+5*4(the hours i lack from every night this week)= 40 hours. Hum, the week end will be short…

I also have my puzzle to deal with! it has been untouch since last monday. It will be like a year project with this velocity. Pfuiii… when i rethink the past week, actually, i really enjoy to have now 2 totally unplanned days. I met like 1784515 people this week, it was really rich and pleasant, but now, i feel i need rest. The coming weeks are stressing too, so i will take each second of this week end like a gift from heaven.

OK, song of the day, just because he is only lying in his bed in the video: