This is the grade i give to my personal life the two past days. I was at a 2 days meeting for the work, and it went very well, i learnt a lot of things there. For example: when you have to give a grade for something between 0 and 5, with 5 as best and someone says “jodå, it was good, i give it a 3,5”, then you don’t have to feel happy about it, even if it seems above the average. You have to admit that in Sweden, the average between 0 and 5 is 4. So a 3,5 is clearly not good.

I also experienced another funny thing. I have to tell a little what we were doing for you to understand the context. We were the whole group sitting and going through a document together. Yeah, in Sweden, when you work, you always begin with telling that you sit and make something. A typical phone call for example: “hej, what are you up to? – well, i am sitting and working”, just for you to know. So we were sitting and i was reading high the document i wanted to the people to comment. I was awaiting some “mmm” or “ok” when it was all ok but no, people just stay quiet. We made a very good job though because they said when it was not OK and we were able to complete the document and make something really good together. But i was just a little disturbed, waiting for people to confirm that it was ok to go farther in the reading. This is difficult to feel when people had the time to read, think and be critical. Anyway. These were really good days at work,
efficient and rich.

We even had some fun with yellow post-it hehe, and with a bedsheet too. Team buildning is a good occasion to laugh and ahaha another little laugh: i had socks from 2 differents colors yesterday


We also had the occasion to have a nice dinner the whole group together and everyone is really very cool. I got told the story of the Uboat U137 i Karlsrkona, which is called S-363 in english (funny translation of the siffrors!). It is also a drink, but i have not the power to google it.

Yeah, because i am right now VERY tired. I staid up with the nice company after the dinner until around midnight, prolly drank a beer too much (don’t be scared Mum, i only drank 2 but after a looong day of work, then, it is harder on the brain), and went to bed. I had a frustration on my heart since a couple of days and even if i prohibited myself to send texts after 21, it was like i couldn’t read the time yesterday and had to tell about my frustration to the concerned person. This was NOT good. Not! To my biggest surprise, i got answer, so i replied and got answer again, and replied and got answer and so on until it was late in the night. No need to tell that i had a friend on the phone of course, because i needed coaching in the sms writing. But if you know me a little, you may also know that i always have intentions, ask after advices and do anyway what i want. So it was a shame when i woke up this morning (at 5h24…)

I use to erase the messages i send and receive except if they are really nice or symbolic. Before the dinner yesterday, i had maybe 5 in the inbox and pretty as much in the outbox. As you can see by yourself, i have some more today… Both the one from this night, that are embarassing afterwards and of course the “sorry-sms” from this morning.


I really wonder how my friends can support me. I irritate myself alone so much when i am so puschy, i want that things happen and i cannot understand when it’s time to wait, or to be patient or that i simply have to give time to the time and maybe this is a disease. Maybe there are some pills i can take and heal from that?

A propos pills, i did something very clever today again. And read it with irony also. I had 1422365 things to take with me from the meeting to the office and i simply forgot my bag with my clothes in at the hotel. It is like 70 km from Eskilstuna and absolutely not on an ordinary road. I noticed it when the hotel called me while i was driving to Eskilstuna, with 2 colleagues in the car and we were almost arrived. Well, i will get some nice help for that, but bleh, how can i be so? Maybe it is my age getting higher and higher? Alzeihmer is waiting for me. (relation with pills: yeah, my P-pills are in this bag there…)

I was at an after work this evening too, but Mum, you can be very calm, i had a coca-cola. I also went to buy some food for survival and all my bathroom kit too, because the usual one is spending the night in my forgotten bag in Enköping… Honestly, i won’t resist long tonight.

James Blake did not make the original of “the limit to your love” i noticed. I was actually wondering if it was him or not because this is one of the rare sample where there is a text, all the other James Blake seem to be good dub without text from what i found out. The original version is done by a little artist from Canada, born in 1976 Feist.