Health issues and personnummer

the other night, i had some ulcer crisis that made me cry some anger tears too. It began in the evening and did not stop the whole night.

around 3 o’clock, i decided that i had to talk with someone to know what to do. i never was sick since i came to Sweden (soon 3 years, happy b-day to this) so i did not really know what is to do. So ok, i first tried this number from work, which is supposed to help us if we are sick. I gave my person number, waited 30 min as first person in the queue and nobody answered to me. Step 2 in my anger (step 1 was not being able to sleep).

So i called the hospital, explained my problem and they gave me the phone number of some advices phoneline. ok, i was quite calm actually!

in between, i sat online googling like “pain stomach”, “ulcer”, “fuck the p—–” (step 3) and so and found that i had all the symptoms of an ulcer and stuff.

I called this advices number, gave my personnumber (step 4) and talked with a nurse. I described my symptoms and she read me the internet website i found before. So nice, i did not learn more (step 5). It was hurting like hell and thought i would die (step 6). I was really considering the fact to call 112 and go to the hospital with an ambulance but at the end, it wouldn’t have changed very much because i would have the chance to wait some hours tehre too. and i thought that it was a bit expansive for the swedish society.

I decided to wait 8 o’clock, time when you can begin to call the local medical center and to get an appointment as emergency. So 8, i called, gave my personnumber (step 7) and then a nice voice told me “we will call you back at 09:45 today”. Like cool for an emergency, i had 1h45 to die alone (step 100)!

But since i was able to walk at this time, i decided to go by myself at this local medical center and to make some kind of revolution. They were a way better than i in 1789 because i was stopped at the reception. “no no they will call you”. (step 150)

They finally called me and i got an appointment in the morning (step 140). the doctor was really cool (step 130), specially when he was reading questions on a card and depending on my answers, asking another questions (step 190). At the end, he came to the same conclusions than i. i was even able to tell which medications i needed but i thought it was a bit too much. and this poor doctor did nothing to me. So i went then to the pharmacy, gave my personnumber (200) and they asked for my ID-card. I gave my french ID-card and at this moment, they asked for my swedish ID-card*. So my anger step level was multiplied by 10000 and i just shouted that i hadn’t and needed my fucking medications.

Anyway, i thought a lot of things last night like, why the fuck do we have a stomach? why must i think of how rentable this is for the society? why am i not able to talk to a doctor? did i work too much last spring? will i be able to drink alcohol also with this medication, thinking of my year without alcohol is taking soon an end?

At the end, i think that next time someone asks med for a swedish ID-card, i will just tell that they did not gave me it back when i went out jail.

* the swedish ID-card: there is actually no big deal with that. This is just a card with your name, a pic of you and your fucking personnumber. The problem is that in order to obtain one, you have to be swedish or to have a swedish relative that can testify that you is you. The problem is that i, like many other people in sweden, don’t have any swedish relatives. Ah, you have some possibilities left:
1) you marry a Swede and stays at least 6 months married with him.
2) Or you get kids with a Swede, that will have the Swedish nationality and wait that your kids are 18 and then, they can help you.
3) you discover that you actually HAS a swedish relative who is not dead and can testify for you.
But as i said, no big deal without ID-card, except when you want to pay something at the pharmacy. This is, in 3 years, the only place where i got trouble without swedish ID-card. ah well. No big deal!

PS: there is actually a fourth solution: you change your driving licence to a swedish one. But what do the people without driving licence? are they obliged to take it just because some dummy people at the pharmacy want a swedish ID-card? and then, it means that you lost your original driving licence and i love mine, so i won’t change. Punkt slut!