In the train

Today, i took the train back from Lund where i was visiting friends after some deposition at the airport.

When i put my Ipod on, i realized that i had only one song on it: “IF” from RHCP. Where did the other take way? ah shit i thought. I also had a book (a french one in french, found at the library in Eskilstuna as “news of the month”). So i thought, OK, i will read a litle. But how boring it was written!! *gäsp*

So i just looked at the people around. My neighbour was very cute, but very swedish too, so impossible to begin a conversation with him.

There was one man who got a cold during the travel: he was only in tee shirt and when i went out the train, 4 hours later, he was totally with red eyes and atchouming all the time. Poor guy.

It was also a CD adicted guy. I guess he just got new head phones and was testing the sound of every kind of music. Funny to observ.

In the regional train after the rapid train, 2 girls came in, a beer in the hand and wanted to go downtown to party. They were already quite wet in their minds and i realized how vulgär it can be to be drunk when you are a girl in a public place.

The funny thing too was that SJ wanted to be nice and open a new wagon for the too many passangers of this train but then, at every station, it was impossible to open nor close the doors ahahah and the excuse they gave us was “there are too many passangers” (instead of “we have shitty trains” ahaha)

Now, i am back home, loading my Ipod with music and thining of how nice it was to have 2 kids with me last week. The appartment is empty of life but full of dirty things to wash tomorrow. A nice day in perspectiv!!!

Oh, and i also realized that i am Kent addicted. Several times last night i woke up in the midle of my dreams singing songs from “tillbaka till samtiden”.