Beth Gibbons

i´m right now listenning to Out of season from Beth Gibbons. It´s the singerin from Portishead (and the sosie from my civil ingeneering teacher from Grenoble, but nothing to do with the schimblick) and her voice is very nice. I don´t like all the songs but my fav´ in this time is Tom the model.

here are the lyrics:

How can I forget your tender smile

Moments that I have shared with you

Our hearts may break

But they’re on their way

And there’s nothing I can do


So do what you’re gotta do

And don’t misunderstand me

You know you don’t ever have to worry ’bout me

I’d do it again


I can understand that it can’t be

Guess it’s hard as you were meant for me

But I can’t hide my own despair

I guess I never will


So tired of life

No fairytale

So hold your fire

‘Cause I need you