Hallo people,

I´m the little french girly (well known in the svedish world of  toilet paper) and I decided 2 months ago, as you know, to go back from Germany to discover a little bit more the swedish environment. Why Sveden? Why not !

this blog is a way for me to have a writing souvenir of my stay here (no problem of lost of data for exampel…). there´s also to give news from me without writing 394855 times the same things to the same people (my head has problem of memory sometimes ;p). But I will try to write to all of you like I do regularly and you can look at the blog to have all the informations (or fast) about my trip!

I don´t know if write in english is a good idea for the comprehension but I hope only that people from France, Germany and all over the world can understand me :) I hope it will be better and better every day!

Bis später!