this picture shows all what followed  me in the plane: 20+12kg. I didn´t need a lot of time to make my room in order in Lund, it was so fast and easy! now I think I have to visit any shops to buy some clothes, but I will wait for my money :)
so i took the plane between Lyon and Copenhague with a pause in Strasbourg. It seemed not to be my right place: all the people were men, who had to work. they were very good dressed and only with an laptop. I was quite ridiculous with my big one pull over (it couldn´t go in my bagage) but that was funny. After Strasbourg, we were only 11 in plane, for this reason we had right to take 2 croissants instead og only one :)))) I was so happy because my breakfast was so far away (i woke up at 4h30).
In copenhague I found the Father from my “new” family and the little boy was here too. Sun, Meer, very very good look for my arrival!
I entered in Sweden with a smile. that was so beautiful and peaceful … I couldn´t believe how beautiful and big is my new haus. I had to make pictures of it to show you, but in my  dreams too it wasn´t so …. my room is pleasant and i think it will be neat to live there. I´ve got a sauna nearby my bathroom and the garden is very nice too.
The family (Marc-Papa, Elodie-Maman, Constance, Romain) is also very nice and cool.[NDLA: I remark I have to learn a litlle bit words, because I use all the time nice, cool, usw]. the Children goto school every day until 15h and i have to pick them up and to be with them till the parents come back, but at least at 19h they have to be in bed. this is my new job. until yet it was very ok, the papa showed me how it works here, but that´s ganz ok.

The morning, i went in the little town of Lund (10 min walking) and I tried to use my svedisch. I have to say, that it was very easier at the tourist office than at the library: I had studied this lesson to ask a card of the town and all the staff. I had to improvise at the library but it worked and i took a svedish book ! yuhuuu!

I had to make pictures to show you how it is here, that you believe me, when i say that it´s very good for me! I hope I will enjoy but I have also to meet people and for that i have to do the job alone, nobody here know how i´m, i have to show them!