Summer 2019

We are actually on our way back home after a few weeks (5!!) Of vacation abroad. We have 1,5 trains left before we enter our city and quickly, I can just say that this vacation was needed and good.

Since Z is over 2 years old now, we pay airplane tickets but the train is still cheap with her. We knew we would be on vacation for a long time, so we decided to take the train down to France to visit my family among other. To take the train was an experience itself and I will write a special article about that.

We have been to many places, seen a lots of things and of course met a lots of lovely people. It was a totally change comparing to our normal life in Uppsala. Warm, no clock at all and late nights and mornings. We ran, did bicycle, walked. We are and did drink a lot too and if we are coming home with a little more in our luggages, I even have to carry some extra kilos. I don’t really care, there will be a cold November as well. I will also write something I guess about our packing, which I found was optimal.

I close this article with a picture of a hipster, met in Lyon.

2 thoughts on “Summer 2019

  1. Seems like a nice vacation, I the final travel goes smooth. I hope you will have some more enjoyable summerdays and nights in Uppsala even though you might have to get back to work.

    Looking forward to heat more about the trip, both here at the blog and maybe over a drink (or two).
    Send my greetings to M & Z.


    1. We have one more week of vacation at home, and we are used to temperature around 30-35 degrees, so we are ready.
      Greetings to you, E and M!


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