We spent some days in Munich, visiting a friend. We were not much of tourists but to enjoy Spielplatz und Biergarten, we were good.Life in Germany is something I’m almost longing to. Well, not yet, Z have to be older (the possibility to get work and life balance with small children is better in Sweden) but I like the way you can live on the country side but close to a big city somehow.To move to another country now would be a big step for us, we are way too comfortable with our life in Sweden but I’d like to enjoy shorter winter and more mountains (south Germany in this case) and simplicity in big cities.Let’s see what life will offer us!

5 thoughts on “Munich

  1. Intreseting to read your views on living in different countries including Sweden.

    I have just been a couple of days in Bavaria but I got the feeling that the culture is very different from northern Germany. When we arrived in Hamburg after traveled from Bavaria it almost felt like Hamburg had more or less the same feeling/culture as Stockholm. //L


    1. Thank you!
      It was fun to see actual people in leaderhose in the metro, totally casual :)
      This time, we enjoyed more our friends than Germany itself and we focused on the subject “kids”.
      I’m looking forward our long train trip for this summer, with different stays in Germany (final destination: France). I’ll try to document it


    1. Det dröjer nog minst tills Z är tillräckligt gammal att gå i skolan, efter lite jämförelse med här och dagis systemet


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