In winter, I like to knitt in front of the TV, it makes me feel like I spend my time more usefully when I do something with my hands.

My latest project was to knit a sweater for me. I made one this summer, but even if I followed all the instructions for the size, it did not fit me -at least the Me who doesn’t want to show the belly in winter. So I gave this one to my little sister and went to buy some new wool.

This one is one piece of knitting, meaning no sewing between different parts and it was the first time I tried and I loved it! You can try your work while knitting it and it allows you to change the size and everything so the sweater will fit you! Great! I used a circular needle and then socks needls for the arms.

It took me two months to knit, pretty quick to be me but we watched TV a lot this fall.

I like pretty much the pattern of islandic pullover, so I will try to make one, based on the same model than the one I just did but with variation in the colors. I’ll keep you posted!

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