See the light in the dark

Saturday on Earth. It has been a week with a lots of work, but I managed to reflect as well. It’s not always easy to do when the to-do-list is long but it’s very important for me to know where I’m heading to.

Yesterday afternoon, while we still were at work, my husband and I received a message from some friends who invited us for dinner the same evening. Think: we, small children parents, would within some hours only, put our normal Friday evening upside down to enjoy some nice company. Z did not understand why she would have clothes instead of pyjamas after her shower and why we would go out, but when we arrived at our friends place, she saw her little friend and she forgot all the unusual. They are now big enough to play on their own, but they are not playing together yet.

We, parents, talked about life since we last met and somehow, it’s very comforting to share everyday life small troubles with otherd to realize that everyone has the same situations to deal with.

I really appreciated the evening and around 21, we took the bus back home. We jumped into the first buss coming around and made a whole trip in the city. We closed the evening with walk in the dark and I got this reflexion:

Even if it seems dark all around, there is always a little bit of light to show you the way.

So it is! Even if it’s hard sometimes to make things work, there is always something to learn about it and you can grow from it.

Even if the past weeks were not easy, I’m thankful for the experiences, from which I’ve becoming bigger. The only shadow I see right now is that my body may signal me that I need to be careful: I got some signs of shingles I need to take seriously. Rest on the program.

Do you see the light when you’re in the dark?

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