As many of you surely noticed, there are not enough hours every day. I want to do all of it (except cleaning, riding the bike when it’s raining or snowing, and walking on legos). I have to admit it: I need to prioritize if I don’t want to crash. With too much will and so little hours, it’s unfortunately not unusual to see people going right into the “famous” wall. For me, the solution is to kill my darlings. I can’t do all of it, so I need to focus. What makes me happy? What will give some payback later? What does really matter? So I kill my darlings.

An exampel of a killed darling for me is on the food area. One darling of me is to think of what I would like to eat, to plan it so it gets cheap but of quality. Another darling is to spend time with my daughter. Darling A takes a lots of time though, both in buying food and planning the menu and right now I prefer to read a book with Z (meaning darling B). So since 8 months back now, we have been buying “food bags” for the weeks, with receipes, ingredients and everything to survive a week after the other and on the top of that, try new receipes I wouldn’t have thought of. Win-Win.

What are your darlings? Which ones do you want to let live?


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