How to find time

My biggest fear in life – after that something would happen to the ones I love – is to be close to death and to realized that I let my life pass by, without taking an active part in it.

As many people, I find very often that the weeks pass by and I always try to find how to buy me more time to make more things I love or want to achieve. I have a long list about things I want to do and some needs that have to be satisfied. Just for fun, I made a schedule of an average week, with ime for sleep (dark grey), time for eat & showers (green), time for training (magenta) and time for work (orange). Then, the spaces in light grey are the ones left are the unplanned hours for family, friends, culture and all the rest on the wish-list.

What to do? Cry about the lack of light grey? Sleep less? Work less? Less showers? Neither my body, my wallet or the people around me would like it. The key here is to prioritize without stressing about the NO. Because every choice is a no to something else and somehow, the most difficult is to deal with the things you miss.

So the challenge is: how to remember the reasons of your choices and how to live with it without stress and with a smile?


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