I’ve been living in Sweden for 13 years now. Meaning 15 years abroad. This is actually huge.

When I arrived both in Germany 15 years ago and in Sweden 13 years ago, I had a perspective for the future just about some months ahead. And I was not worried. I actually had not much to loose if things were going wrong. I haven’t even had a thought by then how things could go wrong. Life was just a big cake to eat and I liked to try new pieces of it.

Now, even if I like my life very much, I cannot say that I take every new day for an adventure. Well, we need stability for Z of course but I haven’t challenged my situation for ages it seems and with this came routines with a big R. I became lazy and unfortunately, automm is not for me a good period to start new projects.

Somehow, I need to be true to myself and make some improvements to be able to say that I lived it all, every inch of my life was full lived, the day I’ll die.

More fun, more creativity, more learning.

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