Life is intense here in Uppsala. We work, go to preschool for the little girl and try to enjoy that spring finally came to Sweden. There are a lots of not working days in Sweden right now and it’s very welcome. It happens a lots everywhere and in between, our little girl got sick several times. Nothing very serious but every time, it hurts my heart as mum to see her feeling bad.

I found it hard to survive the winter this year. We worked more all of a sudden (which was very welcome for our finances) but we had to be less part of Z evolution. She is a the preschool since February and enjoys it. She is learning how to socialize, how to draw, how to eat with proper cuttlery (!!!), how to prepare herself without négociations in the mornings (in progress…), how to say yes, no, auga (yogurt), ma (cat), mamma, Pappa (favorite word right now) and it’s happening new things every day.

When she was 4-6 months, like one year ago, I thought it happened a lot, but now, it’s rocket velocity!

A good thing with spring is that we don’t need to fight as much with transportation to and from preschool. We went from snow and shit to sun and rain sometimes. It’s much more easy to pull her limousine behind our bike and now, I can bike uphill without go any step (meaning strong mamma). Good for my body as well.

For now, it’s time to sleep. I need more discipline for my bed time. Hard when it’s still so light outside. Good night!

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