The week end was calm here in Uppsala. We did basically nothing but to spend time together and rest.

We still struggle with Z’s food. It’s good, she likes fruits, but she doesn’t want to eat anything else. I listened to the tips I got but it did not make it. She doesn’t seem to suffer of it, she still runs around all the day but somehow, I feel that she doesn’t get what she needs. It maybe will get better when she gets to kindergarten. Ah well…

I am also very bored by coking for us adults (btw, she eats the same thing as we do), the inspiration is simply not here. So now, for a while, we will test “matkassar”, meaning you buy a bag of food prepared for recipes for a week. I choose an option “easy for kids”, so it won’t be that much vegetarian I guess and less biological as well, but I had to choose: my mental health or our empty stomachs.

We watched a movie yesterday: Sameblod. It’s not a glorious part of swedish history but what for a determination the girl shows! The landscapes are also very beautiful and the plot is well filmed. Go for it!

Image result for sameblod

picture borrowed here:


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