Dark, the Affair and the Crown

In these vacations days, we decided to subscribe again to Netflix (we cut it down last fall to save some money and time). We had now 3 series on the list and it was Dark S1, the Affair S3 and The Crown S2.

Dark was recommended by M’s brother and with the description and the trailer, I was not very fan of it. I thought that I would give it a try anyway (I’m a bit light scared, and story with disappearing kids is not my cup of tea nowadays). But after the first episode, I was captured! It was a very good serie and a good reason to subscribe to Netflix. We wathed it in two days.

The affair S3 was not that good than the 2 first seasons, which were very good (if I remember well, watched them a year ago, pregnant until the eyeballs). Too much of nothing going on, too much of predjudices about french people, no. It was not good enough to me.

The crown S2: we just began, so I may come back with more details.


picture borrowed to IMDB

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