Zero waste

In August, we already had used what the world could give us in resources. It made me wonder and I am rethinking how we live at home.

I already sorted out my and Z’s garderobe amd after having used only three tee shirt, a short and two trousers during the whole summer, i guess i could optimize even more.

I gave away a lots of things to charity.

This morning, i had a little sew project to reduce my use of cotton pads in the bathroom. I use them to demake me up.

I took a towel, cut it.

And sew the borders with a zigzag to avoid quick destruction.

And voilà!

Actually, when i was little, we used tissue in fabric, towel and almost no papper or cotton things. The bad aspect is that we need to wash more amd warmer (to destroy bacteria) but it costs also energy to manufacture the cottons and papper things.

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