Today was a big première for Z and I. We took the train, with two other mammas &babygirls to Örbyhus, a little city (village?) with 1984 inhabitants. The goal was to go to the swimming pool and feel the water. It was an adventure and I am very happy not to have make this trip alone with Z!

First we had to buy a swimming trousers for Z. I took wrong on the time, so we had a loooong morning downtown, waiting for the time for the train. The train travel was quick and we found the swimming pool after a quick walk from the station.

It was time to check in and change clothes and take our shower. This is about when the tears from Z began to fall. To change a baby in a normal swimming pool dressing room is not very easy. Z was not very happy with that. Then, it was time for the shower, and you know how it can be in a communal swimmning pool: these things youo have to push and you never know if the water will be very cold or very hot. In our case, it was very cold and everywhere. This was not Z’s favorite either. Tears and tears and tears and tears. And soon we did not need any shower anymore, the tears where enough.

I always feel bad when Z begins to cry when we are with other quiet babies: it takes nano seconds before another baby begins to cry and another and another and at the end, everyone is crying without any reason.

Well, the shower was quick. We went then to the swimming pool, which was overheated like every thursday, for the babyswim. 32 degrees is warm! The buidling is fantastical, with big windows and today, the sun was shining so much that it gave a wonderful mood to the room. While in the water, Z found it quite OK. A little on the back, a little on the stomach. No head in the water yet. After 30 minutes, Z found it was enough. She began to cry again, so we went out in order not to disturb everyone. And it was a good idea…. The shower after the bath was quick and very loud. Lucky we, who were alone in there at this moment… The poor little Z cried the whole time until she was too tired to cry anymore. I kind of understand her: it’s never funny to be wet in this kind of environment.

After that moment, we went out, Z got food and she was so exhausted that she felt asleep almost right away. Our mumsfriends came out and we took the train back to Uppsala.

This was kind of an adventure, I feel as tired as Z (who felt asleep while playing) but I’m happy she felt good a moment in the water. It was a lots of impressions for her.


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