Let 2017 come in

2016 was a very good year on the personal area for me. I’m very thankful for that. In the world, it was another story. 2017 is now here and at midnight yesterday,  I wished us a baby. We made no other resolution, only to remain happy.

I noticed that people had a lots of expectations about the pregnancy,  but it’s even worse about the birth. To be really honest, it stresses me. I know that it comes from (mostly)  good intentions but no baby never on the earth staid in the mums belly forever. So don’t be afraid,  it will come. And we don’t know when, and neither if it’s a girl or a boy. And we don’t care. We just want a healthy baby. Sometimes.

The thing I wonder about is if as many people will write/call to offer their help for babysitting,  give food during the nights and so on. 

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