Still at home,  with a baby rolling around inside my belly. I don’t mind.

I spend my days knitting and alternatively listening to French radio or to music clip on YouTube. 

This last named reminds me my teenagers summer somehow. At home,  we only had the basic offer of channels on the TV so no MTV or so. In the 90’s, a channel called M6 arrived and they were playing music videos in the morning.  Often only the same 10 songs that were on the top 50 but it was like wouah at this time for me. It was forbidden though for me to watch TV during the days (and during the evenings, the parents owned fully the remote control). During summer,  I used to be all alone some week at home while the rest of the family was on vacation.  Oh, no pity on me: I was at home because I had the chance to have a horse and taking care of her was better than any vacation in the world. This week alone in summer was then synonymous of “watching TV if I want to”. My mother did not have the heart to take with her the remote control with her, for a such long period (she did that though when we kids were alone half a day or so, putting before the TV on stand by. Pretty clever but annoying for us kids).
The only thing that was interesting me on TV was just these music videos,  plaid between 9 and 11 on the morning. It was perfect: I could ride before the sun was too hot, then go back home, eat breakfast before the music videos and then, making the housekeeping activities that were on the list with the volume at its max (chance to live on the country side with the closest neighbours hundred meters from our house). 

And now,  I sit on the soffa, over-pregnant, and knit,  while listening to music, as if I needed to take back this delaid time for all the other weeks of the year when I couldn’t watch M6 as teenager…

My creations of these two past days (this wool is uggly, but it’s the only I have and it seems that our baby will have size 1 year already from birth if he/she is spending so much time growing in my belly, so the things won’t fit anyway):

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