How to spend some hours at home

When I’m at home, not so tired and with a little time in front of me, I get ideas, not always useful but which has to be realized. This time, I found wool so I knitted a blanket.

It took about a week with “work” on the evenings after my regular job and I finished it on Thursday.

Explanations for those who are interested :

Number of stitches : 2 x 11+ 1 +(14 x number of triangles)

10 ranks of plaited stich

Then an alternance of knit stich and purl stich to build triangles, with the beginning and the end of every row knitted 11 plaited stiches.

Closer view:

I did not make it perfect but I think it will be good enough for a baby that doesn’t have any preconceived judgement.

Have a nice Saturday!

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