Confort zone

So this is it. I’m completely outside my confort zone. I left my work for the last time for at least 9 months and everything that is waiting for me now is both scarying and exciting. 23 days left until the theoretical birthday for our new family member and the beginning of her/his life, when M and I will have to guide this new person.

It felt emotional when I left the office. In this environment,  I have an opinion about everything,  feel pretty confident and know a lots of people. A new life begins for me, where I have no idea about how thinks work, where I have a huge respect about all difficulties that can come and where I know pretty much no-one. Since we moved to Uppsala,  I cannot say that I extended my relationships. Maybe it will feel lonely? 

For now, my goal is to make one useful thing per day. And enjoy this freedom to be able to stay at home so long with our new born kid. Thanks Sweden and my employer for this!

The picture bellow has nothing to do with this text. This is our hoover-robot which did hide itself under the carpet. It thinks it is a cat!

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