Week 26

Warning for a post about pregnancy. Actually about thoughts I came into since everyone can see that I am pregnant. 
Pregnancy is public domain. Obviously. That’s why everyone tells from week 0 that a baby is in the making. NOT. Men usually are cleaner. Women are worst. If they have only one experience with a mini human, they are professor in the topic. About everything: what you should eat,  how you should sleep, what you wear (yes!), how you should feel about everything.  And it’s not only public consultations, no no, it’s even a whole lecture about their own experiences that you will have the privilege to hear: how they broke down there during delivery, how many kilos they gain during their pregnancy, how many years they had to sleep 4 people in the common bed, how education should go on (the funniest is when they tell you that, while a kid is constantly making interruptions in their talk) and so on. Everything seems horrible most of the time, as if they were secretly  promoting abortion (ok, this sentence was hard but often I thought “thank you for the cheering up, I am about to live a nightmare the 20 next years”). As quick as your belly is showing, you may miss the normal discussions that normal adults usually have. With that, I don’t mean that I don’t want to talk about pregnancy but I would like to have these discussions with close friends, not everyone seeing that I’m becoming bigger. It’s a little bit like when you choose a new serie to watch on Netflix: maybe you want others to tell you what it is about in the big lines, but you don’t want to hear spoilers! Well.  Pregnancy is public domain. 

You who already talked about pregnancy with me: as long as you respected the normal rules about what make a discussion private or not, you may be safe.

The second fact is that i never saw the inside of my belly button before these past weeks. I don’t know really what I imagine but this is a place if my body that wad mysterious so far. You can touch but you never really see correctly how it looks inside. Now I do, and maybe for the only time in my life. I heard also somewhere that there is different technics to knot the belly button when the baby is born, depending on the country the baby’s born in. If I were rich, i would right now travel the world and compare the inside of my belly button with pregnant women form all over the world and make a picture book of them.
These were my two biggest reflexions right now about pregnancy that are safe to share on the Internet. 

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