I did it: i walked through the 11 years of living in Sweden last Wednesday. It’s been almost my whole adult life abroad, and mostly ik Sweden.  I spent 2 years in Germany but now most of my adult time is Swedish. Weird,  when I still feel so unswedish at times. The environment you grow in impact your whole personality.

When I look at my stomach,  when I feel someone going around there and bathing as if the bathtub had no sensation,  I wonder which kind of person it will become. Will it be a 50/50 French /Swedish? I hope I’ll succeed to pass through some French codes and values and hopefully open his/her mind to the diversity the world is made of. I get to make some big reflexions with myself when I feel a kick…

From a thing to another, we started to watch the season 2 of Narcos ok Netflix. Somehow,  when an episode is over,  I feel really happy with my humble life. No need to be afraid of being killed by enemies,  even if my toilets are not made of gold. Escobar was kind of an evil ass, surrounded by others who were not so much better. And when you know what drugs cause for misery all around the delivery process, well, it’s another reason not to touch it. Swedish people,  read the book “Cocaïne” if you need to be persuaded. 

Have a good week!

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