Soon back to normal 

I don’t know if it’s sad or not, but my vacation ends tomorrow.  4,5 weeks of good weather, friends and family,  changes, sleep,  reading, and much more.  

The last part of 2016 will be a transition between our current life and a brand new view on life, so I want to make the best and most of this time to come. It feels right but a bit scary at the same time. We are waiting for a new member in our little family and I can feel it right now making volts in my stomach. It was a long way to come to this point and I’m not really sure if and how I will write about it here, I’ll let the time guide me. It’s a fine and hard balance to find between intimacy and a will to share our experiences with others that may go in the same path.

So far, I’ve got the same ambition with the blog and yeah, I should make picture more often and write more regularly. I’ll do my best!

Picture by Nathalie Roux

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