This was Midsummer this week end, meaning a three days week end. I needed so much to sleep that I made a little dance when I left the work on Thursday.

The first thing I did in the week end was a fail: I went to the gym directly after work and I came three minutes after the gym had closed. Fail. But I walked home and took a nap in the soffa until M came home instead. Worked well!

On Friday, we did not celebrate Midsummer, we were just at home, chilling, reading, admiring the sunflowers that grow on the balcony. It was raining also, so we watched some parts of Gomorrah and started a new serie From canal Plus.

Yesterday, it was a wonderful and warm day so we took a book each, a blanket and went to the park to rest there. After about 30 minutes I was restless and couldn’t stay in place. Nice, huh? We cale back home (after a little more time though) and changed clothes for a late run. It was nice, except the flies. And we watched more canal plus.

Today, long sleep, breakfast, stressing fotboll game For France and I tried for the first time of my life to make a tarte tatin. I knew I had to be careful with the caramel at the beginning but even if I tried to be patient, I think I burnt it. The pie is right now in the owen, but I am not very optimistic. Let’s see!


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