Taking life like a bicycle ride

Once again, the week was full of activities and there was no time to write on here. We took a night in Stockholm to celebrate Ms birthday and for me, it felt like a whole week of vacation.

The weather has been wonderful and even if they threatened with rain yesterday and today, I can see now that they were wrong and the temperature is already high, to be Sweden. Crazy, when the rest of Europe is under the rain and floods.

We were invited for dinner yesterday and we took a bicycle ride there. It was quite long but really funny for us to discover the surroundings. We got lost of course ebut we finally found the house where they were waiting for us with a lovely dinner, that we ate outside.

We did rife back home along Fyrisån, which is the rivet running through Uppsala and the birds were all crazy, singing as hell. It was so beautiful, this picture taken with my phone cannot transcribe 10% of what we saw. Wonderful ride. Wonderful evening. Wonderful life.

This is now the beginning of a three days long weekend, this is Sweden national day on Monday. We have no plans and that is wonderful. I have at least ten books waiting for me to be readen, it will be enough! Have a Greta weekend!


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