This has been an intense week. And a social week! I met people that I like and the time spent with them reminded me of how I, as human being, need to exchange ideas, thoughts and laughs with people. 

Yesterday, I spent the evening with people that I know since 10 years. 10 years of Sweden and I have to admit that I was very lucky to land with just these people. We celebrated two of them becoming 50 years old and talked memories. We reviewed everyone’s first memory in life. This was interesting to hear. 

I am right now waiting for our guest for this Friday to arrive with the train and this fact made me smile for weeks! It will be a wonderful evening!

After this piece of cake and reflexion, I will be all reloaded after this intense week and ready for the House of Cards marathon waiting for tomorrow and Sunday. Can’t wait to see Claire Underwoods clothes for this new season.

Have a good week end! 


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