Spring on its way

We had a wonderful weather this week end in Uppsala: radious sun and a temperatur around 0. I took a run yesterday, all filles with energy and I wanted to discover some new areas, so I ran south. I reached Ultuna (place where the Swedish Agriculture University is) and I watched at my clock: 5 km. I felt so good, pretty uncommun. So I turned back and ran home. When I had 2 km left, it was a big downhill and I felt so good in my lefs that I just sprinted and finished the 10K in 1h01. This is only one minute above my current goal, so I was like H A P P Y!!!

For the rest, I still go to my drawing lessons, and this is very funny and it takes my whole attention. I try to practice between the lessons as well and this week, I only found the time to make it today, meaning one day before the class day. You see: life is eating me with a big spoon. Or maybe it’sme eating life with a big spoon?

With the spring coming at the door, I am wondering on how we will fix our balcony. Untill now, the furnitures are just on it, thrown like that. We need to fix the floor and find plants that like to grow in the shadow. We have morning/afternoon sun on the most of the balcony but a corner is in th shadow, so we need to put some green there, that like it dark and a little colder.


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