the shortest day of the year

is today. The sun got up at 08.50 to go to bed at 14.45. And it is not really like it’s clear at 08.51, the sun needs some time. Today, we were lucky, it was almost sunny. Well, not really sunny, but not as grey as the past days. I never thought I would extend my grey scale that much while moving to Sweden: from pale grey to dark grey, there is a whole palett of possibilities not to see anything during a day…

To fight this darkness surrounding us at this period of the time, Xmas is a very good excuse to put some extra lights all around. The neigbourghood we are living in are specially good at making all uniform.

2015_IMG_0329 - Kopia

It lasted three weeks after everyone for us to make the same, but we are now intagrated to the neighbourhood. Nice. We will for sure be the last people taking down the lights when the time will come, but we don’t care.

So, day three of vacations, we are pretty active at home, fixing the last things from our moving and I will try to post a little more on here in the coming days. I also have thousand of books to read and tons of sleep to sleep back. Stay tuned, it could be some more frequent posts on here!

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