… or not…

Life has been really filled with funny things recently. We worked a lot, and on the week ends, we have been to Gothenburg, had people at home and this week end, we are just sleeping all our lack of sleep back.

The weather is not Xmas like, it’s raining with 10 plus degrees, awefull if you ask me.

My Sewing project is not going very quick either, I need to have peace around to spend some time with this project.

I almost not training anything at all either.

Well, you see: this is how people in their thirties detroy the opportunity they have to become rich, fit and influent. On the meanwhile, we are lucky, so it doesn’t matter.

I promise (should I promise things around here?) that I will write a little more and take pictures around more. I haven’t touched my camera for months. A pity.

For tonight, enjoy your saturday evening!

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