Running in a new city

M and I were very active this sunday morning already. It is probably thanks to the change of hour, but at 8.30 this morning, we had already eaten breakfast. Good, then I felt like I had the whole day in front of me. And I had!

We waited a little bit for the sun to get up (he is not an early bird like us it seems) and we went out for a run in Uppsala, searching for forest and silence (the run from last sunday was balanced by the noices of the cars, not very “Nature like”). So this morning, we took the direction of Stadsskogen, which as its name says, is a forest in the city. From our home, it began with 2km upphil run and somehow, in the middle, I felt like I had to be silent, because M seemed not to be in a very good mood. I was all excited by this run: what is funnier than to discover a whole city and region and when above all, you can do it in the sun? 

When we arrived almost at the top of the hill, we met this view:

2015_IMG_1109 - Kopia

Uppsala is full of straight paths like this one. This is in this season wonderful, with all the trees making party before to go to sleep for the winter. It feels like we were celebrated by Miss nature, just because we were outside running. Very good for the soul.

and we found the forest we were looking for and it was looking like that:

2015_IMG_1110 - Kopia

Gold everywhere! So wonderful!

but for now, the food is in the owen and I hope it will be ready soon, because we just booked our places to see a part of the shortfilm festival. Sayonara!

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