Time for rest

The week end is here. My body and my soul thank the one that came up with this wonderful idea to rest two days a week. I love my job, for real, but on friday afternoon, I am tired. My brain is like a dry sponge and it is not possible to male anything of it. So I will rest, in order to be all fit on monday again.

Some asked me to see pictures of our new appartment. It will come but everything takes times to get in place as we want it too. Plus that we are going toward the darkest period of the year, which is not very suitable for good pictures. But it will come!

For now, you get a picture taken this summer on my friend island. This is the landscape he and his wife see every day when they take their bath in the sea in the morning. Thank you again S&A to have shared your home with us some days this summer!

2015_IMG_0096 - Kopia

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