No better picture

I don’t have any better picture to illustrate the post of today than this one. Well, actually, I have some but they are in the camera and won’t be free before some weeks in October. Until then, you have to be patient and accept these lately bad phone pictures. A new day will come, I promise!

So, we are exactly in the middle of our vacations. We staid home since we came back from the Island of my friends and we put some order here, cut the grass – that is incredibly becoming green, and we all know how many liters water rained on it…- we had some nice visit yesterday and it was the most sunny day so far. For the whole summer!

Today, we slept. I am currently writing this lying in the bed, with M sleeping like a bear in winter. I am hungry, so I guess that’s what will make me go up.

Yesterday, a friend of mine got married in France. We couldn’t be there because of our current chaotic situation but I was sad of it since all the friends from the group were there. I miss them and it’s not very often that we get to be together like that. Be happy D and N!

Oh I would need to take a run today too. Too much sitting, food and vine recently. Let’s see how the day turns!


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