A brand new day

Sunday. The day of the sun? I don’t know, but it works very well today. It’s almost 9.20 and I already have been up since 2 hours almost. Not that I wanted to, just that I had to… In 2 weeks, the half marathon will be over and I really need to have a last long pass before the “competition”. I even wonder if I should run in my special running clothes for the occasion, but I won’t. Anyway, I need a 2 hours run today and I am already bored. This is not hard nor for the legs neither for the heart, but for the head: I bore myself when I run alone a long time. Well, I-country problem.

Yesterday, we were very active: we sorted out everything from our basement. We should have done it before the previous moving but anyway. Now it’s done. It resultated in a lots of throw away, a lots of give away and just the essential is kept. It feels actually really good to know that we know exactly what we own today and that we need what we have. OK, some things are more needed than others (camping stuff just go out once every two years) but even. It is a big difference with two days ago. I am looking forward to keep our life our off uneeded consumption! As a step in this direction, I even brought back a par of shoes to the shop. I bought them wednesday, in a moment of mental dispair and realized that I would wear them maybe 3 times a year, so no. Back to the shop! *proud of me*

Another funny thing a little special today –well, actually it wasyesterday but I did not bother– is the Eurovision Song Contest and its impact on Sweden. I think that I already wrote about that on here (I wonder so strong each year…) but the ESC is totally crazyness in Sweden. It begins early in the winter with national competions and who will represent Sweden at the real ESC (and this tactic might work since Sweden won 6 times…) but this is so boring if you don’t like this kind of untertainment: it takes every saturday evening, monopolizes the news in the national news paper, polutes on my facebook feed and you may have this songs in your head for the rest of your life if you listen too much to the radio. Any radio, because it is so popular! But don’t missunderstand me: I am not telling that the music is bad or so, just that this phenomena takes more importance than the fact that a racist political part is the third biggest in Sweden. Ooops, did I just talk about the elefant in the room? Well, let’s this discussion come back to a normal level. So yesterday, it was the final, the big final of the ESC in Austria. For those who don’t know, the country that wins will be host for the competition the year after. So Måns Zelmerlöw, who is according to my opinion a professional, talented both singer and program leader, sung his song for Sweden. In his show, he was – still according to me- creative with an animation and not as usual, half naked girls dancing as if they wanted to have sex right now (this is also another discussion about sexism in popular culture, let’s save it for another post). Måns had a light person dancing around and making high five with him. This was untertaining. What about the lyrics then? You can find them here  for exampel. Well. I don’t get the whole. This is too me half religious, half “not taking my responsabilities”, half Carpe Diem wannabe. I don’t know. The song is catchy but I like to feel some relation to the text when I sing a song and with this one I don’t. Was it a try to encourage people to act towards each other with more solidarity? In this case, I approve. And in other case, well, I approve as well, this is art. You want to know the funniest part of this? We read in DN that the prime minister wil call Måns on monday to congratulate him. Like “I wait working hours to make this phone call”. We laughed loud during breakfast here in our home.

Another political dimension to this is to hear the song of Russia (like “millions people want peace” or something) and see if Ukraina gave them some points. I don’t know, we were watching something else. Oh yeah, maybe I should have told that from the beginning: M and I don’t watch the ESC.

It is now 9h50, time for me to take myself out for a long run. Wish me luck and have a good day!

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