We drove from the woods to the city today. I am still with my cold plus these fears of having nowhere to live in Uppsala, where we will move this summer (I change job). This is a pretty hard home market there and there is nothing like zero to rent. I am not very sure if we will find something but let’s hope than yes!

So we arrived I Lübeck at the beginning of the afternoon and had the sun with us for a rundgang. The city is very cute and the water all around makes it cosy. We are staying at a very good but cheap hotel and we had dinner in a typical German restaurant. Read: cheap, good food and nice beers. 

There is one funny thing with Germany: you cannot pay with a card, you have to have money in cash all the time. This is funny,, except when you cannot take off cash and you was hungry but it is a little old school. 

Another really cool thing is that a dinner for two and after which you won’t be able to eat during two days with beers cost 21 euros. In comparison with Sweden: nothing!

Ok time to take credit of my throat, happy evening!


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