Week 13

Week 13. This should be the beginning of a new Nike coach program but well, it seems that it was a bad idea since a loooong looooong time ago. My goal for now is to try to get me out to run and pray for strength for the half marathon in june. Anyway, this is how the week 13 was:

  • day 1: rest. I came back hom from Stockholm at a normal time, but the problem with train travel is that I feel sick pretty often and this feeling did not left me from the whole evening. So rest. Forced rest if I have to be exact.
  • day 2: I tried Lofsans training program to have strong legs and… I felt it the rest of the week… It took maybe 30 minutes and for real, I was totally dead in the legs after that. Needed?
  • day 3: I couldn’t walk…
  • day 4: I still couldn’t walk…
  • day 5: I could walk but I prioritated thousand others things
  • day 6: 4 minutes intervall with 4 minutes rest in between. The quick moments, I ran ca 5min/km and my pulse went up. It was raining pretty much so I made it short (3,88km) and completed the training with some exercices for the back and the shoulders from Lofsan. (Half pyramid was enough to make me cry)
  • day 7: I completed the week with 1km to the gym and then 30 min in pyramid speed. At the end, it was totally 6,25km and if you ask me, I am very proud of this because the predispositions of the day were not at their bests: rainy as hell and really zero inspiration.

The conclusion of this week: 1) I need to train my legs strong. and 2) the halfmarathon is coming soon and until then, there will be a lots of travels both with work and private, so I need to plan in details. I know that I can survive 21 km but I need to feel strong and quicker than I fell now. I need to make a plan. And stick to it!

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