Eclipse and rest

Last friday, it was a cosmic strange day: time for a solar eclipse, where 85% of the sun would be hidden by the moon here where we live in Sweden. The unnice thing with this day is that it was raining. The whole week has been fabulously sunny and the day where there is something special, then, rain and clouds.

We took a break during the morning at work and looked outside anyway. It looks like that when it was at the darkest. Like a normal swedish rainy day. Dissapointment, big time!


The week end has been spent in the sign of REST. Both M and I were dead after our week at work and we just slept. Well, not really. We were also at the library to borrow some books about San Francisco, we bought some dollars and we dreamt about the vacations coming soon. Next week at this time, we will be packing and maybe jumping around in our flat, singing the vacations-song. Can’t wait!

But until then, a week of work, with 2 days in Stockholm for me and hoppefully some running as well.

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