33 is not so bad after all!

As you may have understood, I turned 33 yesterday. It was a perfect saturday, during which M was the most lovely boyfriend ever.

This morning, I woke up with the sun again and we had a nice and slow breakfast, as we use to have. I really love that our saturday and sunday mornings are spent without any stress. We take the time we need to eat and we read the news and watch things on our phones. This is not the most social moment, but at the same time, it is good to have moments you spend together without the need to talk or listen.

After that, I loaded for a run and I will tell more about it on tuesday. Quite existing actually.

When I came back home, the sun was still shining, so I decided to put some order on our balcony, to prepare it for the spring and the summer coming up. Our balcony is closed with glas, so it is pretty “hot” (everything must have to be considered in its referential of course) and I thought it was maybe time to put some things to grow. I will tell more about that later as well.

The good surprise was to discover that the raspberries did survive: there are fresh new leaves on their way. There is hope! Life will start again soon!

We ate a simple but good dinner and watched “the Bear”, film from 1988. Some tears and 1h30 later, it was time for me to post a little on here and it is soon time for us to go to bed. Another monday will show its face soon!

2015_IMG_9359 - Kopia

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