Don’t let you stop by a fence, jump over it!

This is exactly what happened yesterday evening. I was alone at home, normal Sunday evening and I was trying to plan a week vacation coming up in May. We are invited to a wedding and the matter was to make a round trip pretty cheap and with enough days to feel on vacation but not too much I order to keep some days for this summer. The wedding is in France, we need a car to get to the very place where the wedding will be and this part of France is not very accessible with cheap planes. So the solution: we take our car. This made the evening quote dark: it takes two whole days driving down, this is far.

I was in the middle of this planing when the phone rang: the wonderful family I lived with when I moved to Sweden 10 years ago called me. I love to talk to them and they moved to San Francisco, so it is exiting to hear them talk about their new life over there.

In the discussion, they told me that the kids will have a week of holiday in April and that I was welcomed to visit them of course. Spontaneously I said why not? 

When we hang up, I looked at possible flights and found some cheap with only one stop from Linköping. I watched my professional calendar and noticed that I could reschedul everything without any trouble. I called M that was on his way to Ljungby and in all 10 minutes, we had 2 flights prebooked for San Francisco in less than a month. Do you believe it?

We just need to get ok from our bosses and to pay but it seems it will be all clear for a week in US and A!

This put some kind of new direction for the planning of the travel trough Germany I was doing: it had to be cheap both on money and vacation days. But it worked!

I wanted to go to France this summer as well (we have another wedding there and I wanted to say hello to my grand mother) but we will see how everything turns, if I found some money somewhere on the street or if i decide to think that money is made to be used or to repay a loan for an apartment…

I couldn’t fall asleep yesterday evening. This is like a new start, something funny in life coming ahead! Yeah for phone calls on Sunday evenings!

 V11_2015_IMG_9162 - Kopia

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