Week 9

I am not sure if I will keep on writing numbers for the weeks, I kind of abandoned the Nike Coach training when I had my two weeks long cold, but somehow, I need to cheer me up again for the Linköping half marathon coming next june.

  • Day 1. Tuesday. I wanted to run but the sun is not enough awake in the mornings yet and in the evening, I was lazy. That’s the word. So nothing on day 1 of week 9.
  • Day 2. I left work pretty early and took my courage by two hands: out for the first run since ver two weeks and I achieved 4,5 km in a time that is not worth to write here. I felt happy though, the sun was shining and I still knew how to put a feet in front of the other.
  • Day 3. I wanted to run, but I was so tired that I just took a long walk with my camera.
  • Day 4. Friday-rest of course!
  • Day 5. I took a run: 7 km in something like 43 minutes. Not the best time ever but I was out to get some envy to run. It was sunny and Icy as well (for my defense) and when I came back home, I felt it in my legs. I think it is important to take it easy, but steady. I don’t want to get injured or bored.
  • Day 6 I did participate in a dressage special with Charlotta Esping. One hour training in the morning and program riding in the afternoon. I had Gabbe, a for me almost new horse and it was not as usual as with Owen, the horse I’ve been riding a lot recently. It was very good too train precision and the program did train my brain as well. I had to remember a succession of moves and be precise. It was ok for the first time riding that in like 15 years of so. The big difference is that the last time, I knew my horse very good. A good day though, with pain muscle the day after!

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