Fifty shades of grey

The sun is very shy nowadays in Sweden. Both M and I are still sick, so we try to become fitter with a lots of sleep and some walks in the nature around our place. There is snow, ice and grey clouds everywhere but sometimes, you can find a pitch of color that makes your day.

This is facinating how a little light makes difference. Both for the feelings but even for the body. WHO says that pregnant women and children specially need vitamin D. You can get it in the food but it is also transmitted by the sun. Here in Sweden, 15 min are enough in summer. But in winter, how is it, when the sun is not strong and when you wear clothes from tom to toes? Even if we were sick today, we went out for a walk during one hour. I count on the reflexions from the snow to make it right for us, with the vitamin D.

2015_IMG_9184 - Kopia

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