White Saturday

The week has been pretty busy with work and a sick man at home. some nights, it felt like sharing my bed with a tractor. At this very moment, M should have been to a whiskey exposition (or whatever this is called) but instead, he is sleeping in our bed. This describes how bad he is!

I’m not very proud either today. We had some friends for dinner at home yesterday evening and wine plus Avec and busy week at work is not a good combo. I felt asleep when the guests were taking their outclothes on and woke up with a good hang over this morning. There is nothing to complain about though, no one forced me and the company was very nice.
What I wanted to talk about too is the snow that felt last week. This is all white everywhere and I like it. The running part is difficult though but I’ll talk about that on Tuesday.

Last Sunday, we went outside and made a big snowman M and I and he was still standing some days later. Admire our work:


Today, it is not as grey as on the picture: the sun is actually shining everywhere in our flat and I regret a little bit that I did not take my legs out for a walk. But wait, it’s not too late, I’ll go!

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