Week 3…

Oh. I just say Oh. This week number three has been filled in with … job. And long days around travelling for it, which made of me a little piece of tired human being.

  • Day 1: 4,83 km. Oh the noes! Monday are made for the riding and riding it was. The big Owen made me happy, and the hour on his back gave me some pain in the legs the day after. But it doesn’t help for the half marathon though…
  • Day 2: 8,05 km. With 2 little nights before this day number 2, a long day at work with 4 hours of transport and meetings, coming back home at almost 19 and very icy roads and everything, ok you get it, my motivation was not very high to move myself. I took my little self to the gym and oh, noes, so much people… again… But I found a place to run and it was 5 km with, after a warming up of  2 km, intervaller of 200 m at the speed of 12,5-13 km/h and 30-40 seconds rest in between. Half half happy with this pass.
  • Day 3: Cross-train. I sat in a train, like 4 hours, does it count? For real, this long day at work made it impossible for me to make anything else than work, eat and sleep this day.
  • Day 4: rest. Check!
  • Day 5: 4,83 km. Nothing. This was a day again with travel for my work and a lots of things to do as well. I was totally tired and for my defense: it is totally impossible for me to run on ice and I am growing tired of running at the gym. I want the winter to decide itself: snow and cold or spring and clean!
  • Day 6: 9,66 km. Nothing but a walk with a friend in the snow. Maybe a bad excuse but I was too tired to jump in my running clothes.
  • Day 7: rest. Oh no! I ran 11 km in 1h09 this day.

It is a bit of jongling with work and training I notice. I ran 16 km this week instead of the 26 planned by Nike coach and ok, I could have ran yesterday but oh well, you get me… My weigth, at the end of the week is still 64 kg.

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