Galette des rois

This is time to eat the traditional galettes des rois! Well it was the right day on sunday, but in France, it is accepted to eat it during whole january.

I already made one last year and I decided not to be worse this year, so here you go, with a little more explanations in the making than last year.

First of all, I would recommend you to watch this video:

You need:

For the frangipane, you better watch this video, this is very easy, and you will get everything in the video, even if it’s in french:

So, you take your puff pastry, cut 2 round pieces (same size of course). I used the roundest tool I had in my kitchen. it worked perfectly.IMG_9051


Then, you put your frangipane on one circle. As you can see on the picture, mine was very fluid, so I would recommend you to put it a little in the fridge.


Then, you put some yellow of an egg on the top with a pincel and your draw some nice forms with the edge of a knife


And then, you put it in the oven, 200degrees at least 30 minutes. It may look like that when it’s done:


And then, you have to make a crown. Without crown, neither king or queen and then, there is no point with eating this cake!, so take your cissors, some hard papper somewhere and make it fits your head, that’s better.

And of course, ENJOY!


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